I consider myself a contemporary or modern Shamanic Practitioner. My shamanic work is a blend of Core Shamanism link: , practices I have learned from indigenous teachers, and esoteric teachings that my Helping Spirits have shown me in the course of my work with them. I believe we all have the ability to communicate with the Divine, and our Spiritual Wholeness comes from having a sense of purpose, a meaningful spiritual inner-life and a sense of Oneness with all living things, Nature, and our Planet Earth.

I believe we can not heal this planet if we do not heal our relationship with Her, and heal ourselves. The damage we do to this planet has a direct correlation to our wounding and disconnect. I have been shown that the greatest challenge to helping the earth is healing the wound of Scarcity and Greed that drives human behavior. I believe healing needs to happen on both a personal and collective level to bring planetary change.

My greatest passion is earth healing, yet part of achieving this comes from supporting people on their spiritual paths, helping them with personal healing, and teaching them how to spiritually connect with the earth.  

We face extraordinary challenges in these times. Many newer illnesses (like anorexia, bulimia or exotic drug and technology addictions) are issues that never existed in traditional shamanic cultures but are part of western culture. Modern Shamanic Practitioners, like myself, face new and complex issues that require New Visioning in order to bring healing to people and the planet. My belief is that we need to honor the ancient teachings that have worked so well for thousands of years, but we must also be willing to stretch, grow and be open to new information that addresses the stresses created by modern culture.


My goal is to bring relief from pain and suffering. I am interested in transformational work that brings meaning and depth to people’s lives, as well as a sense of purpose.

Starting on a healing path must first start with a client’s deep desire to heal. I believe in giving my clients the space they need to grow without pressure and without moving them faster than they are ready to integrate. My wish is to help them reclaim their personal power and be their authentic selves.

 My prayer for every client, every time, is that the Spirits bring forth what is most needed at the current time, to bring relief and healing to my client’s suffering in a way that they are ready to receive. From there I, “Let go and let God”, knowing that my Helping Spirits have the understanding of my client’s situation and needs. I follow the guidance of my Helping Spirits.

I believe in being gentle and kind, as well as educating clients in ways that help them empower themselves. I am also firm about mirroring delusions or dishonesty that are perpetuating a client’s suffering–but doing so with discernment, compassion and non-judgement.

I value integrity and truth. To always work to serve with the best of my ability, and to be fearless to admit where I feel I am unable to help. I honor my client’s privacy.


Authenticity: Because of the many teachers I have been blessed to study with, I believe in being honest about the source of my material and credit the teachers I learned it from. I always do my best to be clear about what material is mine and what comes from other people/cultures. I am committed to being compassionate, non-judgmental and flexible with my students, as well as open to questions and suggestions.

Humility: I am an imperfect soul and make mistakes. I have no desire to be a guru to any student, merely a guide. I do not believe I have all the answers, and readily admit when I don’t know an answer to a question.  I encourage my students to study with different teachers. I encourage their growth and exploration, I take great joy in watching people grow and develop these skills and learn to fly with their own gifts!

Ethics/integrity: Shamanic teachings are very powerful and I feel strongly about teaching ethics and boundaries. For students studying with me, I feel responsible to teach about right use of power and to bring awareness to the abuse of power or unethical behavior. I believe in supporting my students to walk their own Spiritual Path with Integrity. As a teacher that means doing my best to model integrity while showing compassion and non-judgment. Also having healthy boundaries with my students and being honorable.


I am committed to my ongoing personal growth and healing. I believe we are all a work in progress and my goal is to always do my best.