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Shamanic Healing and Instruction

Welcome To The Hollow Bone!

I encourage you to explore this website to learn more about Shamanism, Shamanic Healing and Earth Healing. There are articles and links that perhaps will bring answers to something you have been seeking! Check out our Workshops, I have resources listed for all levels of learning and many types of teachings!

my mission

The Hollow Bone is dedicated to Spiritually Awakening and Healing our connection to the Earth, Ourselves and Our Community.


I believe healing is at the core to moving out of a fear or anger-based way of living in this world. I use a broad range of both ancient and modern shamanic techniques to help clients feel whole again. this healing can be through private sessions, or in group apprenticeship programs


Gaia - Our Sacred Mother. I believe in teaching the old Earth-Ways of inter-connectedness with ALL LIFE. Shamans drew their spiritual strength from a deep sacred marriage with the Great Earth Mother. For in this spiritual union there was never aloneness or want, but instead comfort, companionship, visioning and nourishment of the soul. I believe this is something that must be reclaimed in order for humanity to survive. Our ancestors knew how to live in balance and harmony. Part of my teaching includes nature skills and relationship-building with the earth.


I believe education of Shamanic Principles and Philosophies helps us shift our consciousness and be wise leaders in these changing times. Asides from the classes that I teach, I sponsor gifted and internationally known Shamanic teachers, from many different traditions, whose teachings I believe support bringing wholeness and healing to humanity and our planet.

What Does "Hollow Bone" Mean?

I first heard of the term ‘hollow bone’ from one of my teachers, cultural anthropologist, Angeles Arrien, author of The Four-Fold Way. Angeles described that this was an expression that came from some of the Native American tribes of the North West.

Cross culturally, many indigenous tribes have used different metaphors such as: empty vessel, hollow reed or hollow bamboo. These metaphors reference being a clear and open channel for the Great Spirit to work through you.

Chief Luther Standing Bear, of the Sioux Nation said: “If we want to be of maximum use to the Creator, we must ready ourselves to do so. If we are to become a channel for the Creator’s purposes, we must prepare ourselves to do so. If we have resentment, fear, selfishness, or anger, we are not hollow bones. We must be rid of these things. We must change ourselves. We must ask for forgiveness for ourselves and forgive our brothers and sisters. We must keep our insides clean. We cannot use our power in a good way when we have blockages such as hate, judgement and envy. When we are free of these things, the Higher Powers can use us beyond our wildest imagination. Then we can really help ourselves and help our people. Only when we are hollow bones can we have an effect on the world.”

Shamans, being the mediators to the spirit world, need to continually work to maintain their ability to be this empty vessel, this Hollow Bone. It is a journey of integrity and impeccability. It is a path that is difficult – as our ego is always challenging it. However the rewards are enormous. The Hollow Bone is the path I have chosen to walk, and the path I try to teach to my clients and students. This is why I chose this name.