I work with children of all ages. I find that children are generally very responsive to Shamanic healing, and in some ways seem to receive it better than adults. Children are exposed to the same traumas and events that we as adults encounter. Very young children sometimes experience inexplicable fears that may be a bleed-through memory of a trauma from a previous life. Past life healing can relieve and free them from old suffering. In general, Power Animal retrieval, Soul Retrieval, and Extraction of Negative Energies are healing modalities that help children a great deal.

Sessions for children under 12 are usually much shorter (often under 2 hours), as they don’t tend to need or want much talk processing prior to the healing work. For teens, sessions are often the same length as adults. Teenagers are under much duress these days. There is a lot of psychic attack (in the form of bullying) that teens can do to one another, so Shamanic work that includes learning how to protect yourself energetically is extremely helpful for them.

For children 12 and over, it is important to me that they’re autonomy is honored (even though they are still minors) and I hear from them that they want to attend a session. I am happy to share information with them to help them feel at ease about our work together.