Many shamanic cultures believe we are born with one or more spirit guardians in the form of a Spirit Animal. In some traditions they can also be called Power Animal, Spirit Animal, Totem Animal, or an animal Familiar. I sometimes refer to Power Animals as our Earth Angels — Compassionate Animal Light-Beings, whose Spirits reside in and come from the Mother Earth. I see them as guardians of our physicality who help protect our overall well-being. In the tradition of the Salish people, from the North West Coast, the first Vision Quest of a child was to find their “Body Armor Protector” — a Spirit Animal whose job was to be a shield for your body — to protect you from harm.

From a spiritual perspective, a power animal protects our physical and spiritual vitality. This special guardian connects you to your body, your wisdom, and to the Earth, while guiding, protecting, grounding, and inspiring you. Shamans believe that when we become disconnected from our power animals we lose our personal power.

Power loss symptoms are:

  • A sense of not belonging
  • Chronic misfortune
  • Low energy
  • Lack of purpose
  • Depression or illness

A power animal retrieval reconnects you with your special guardian, rebuilding stamina, vital energy, a sense of purpose and a connection to your gifts. Instruction is given after the retrieval to help you maintain and honor your relationship with your animal.