The Hollow Bone will be offering an Open to the Community Drumming Circle on a quarterly basis. This drumming circle will be held at Anawasi for 3 hours, 2-5pm on a Sunday afternoon. This is open to the public and cost will be on a donation basis.

The focus of this drumming circle is to provide a safe, comfortable space to connect with like-minded seekers in a sacred and spiritual way. Each gathering will have journeying themes, such as: Self-Healing, Divinations, Protection, Meeting with New Spirit Allies, Issues of Personal Interest, Journeying on Global or Cultural themes, and just all around practice in strengthening your journeying skills.

I will begin offering dates for our meetings once I have the meeting space ready for groups.

I will be building a special email list to notify people when the Drumming Circle meets–This is a separate email from workshop notifications and will only be sent to people who wish to be kept up to date on Drumming Circle meetings.

If you wish to be put on this list please email me and write, “Join Anawasi Drum Circle”. You can be removed from the list any time you please.

I hope to hear from you and have you be a part of our community gatherings!