Throughout history, Shamans have worked with healing the effects of sorcery and curses. This is as much a part of our modern culture as it was a part of ancient times. Sorcery often affects us in the form of a curse, but can also include Love Spells, Soul-binding promises and other seemingly benevolent types of Spell-Casting from our current life or a past life.

Sorcery is defined as any harm directed to ourselves or others, as well as willfully and energetically trying to control another: The abuse of power even with good intentions, the over-riding of another person’s free-will…

Curses often present as repeating unhealthy patterns like: Compulsive thoughts, a feeling of being under attack, feeling bound to another person or place against your will, chronic financial woes, frequent accidents, injuries, illness or other types of repeating “bad luck”. Some of these patterns can be rooted in past-life events or are passed down through the family lineage. Sometimes sorcery can be a family projection that we have taken on and embodied; “She was the black sheep of the family.” The target child fulfills the family projection of failure or not fitting in. In addition there is self-sorcery, curses that are negative thought forms which we fuel and perpetuate on ourselves.

With curse unraveling the Shaman, through visioning and journeying, tracks to the original source of the curse, un-couples it, and unravels it through time out of the client’s energy field, then refills the client’s luminous field with healing light to repair any damage left from the curse imprint. This healing unbinds the client from the energy that was sent.