Apprenticeships are series classes that consist of four or more meetings with the same group of people, and are generally focused on a particular theme or aspect of shamanic study. I believe the apprenticeship format offers a superior framework for in-depth learning, healing and personal growth. An apprenticeship is a personal commitment to deeper study, and your spiritual development.

Benefits of an apprenticeship over a one-time class/workshop:

  • More comprehensive knowledge on a topic
  • Each meeting is a building block to the next, allowing students to advance to more complex and esoteric skill levels. Students get a broader foundation of information with more sophistication
  • A feeling of safety, familiarity and community from being with the same group and getting to know one another in a more personal way from your shared experiences together
  • Groups go deeper into the study of a topic and share more deeply because of a sense of safety
  • Most people experience profound personal growth within an apprenticeship setting
  • Everyone learns and grows together at a similar pace
  • The intimacy of an apprenticeship allows for more exploration and discussion of unusual or exotic topics–there is more flexibility to explore off-topic subjects

I offer several apprenticeships which focus on building different sets of skills. These apprenticeships have varying prerequisites, lengths of meetings, and skill levels. An expectation to attend all the meetings is required. Once the group starts with its first meeting, the apprenticeship is closed to new members joining (with a few exceptions).

The following listings are descriptions of different apprenticeships offered. If no dates are mentioned, it means that this apprenticeship is either in progress (I only start some apprenticeships after completing the previous series) or I have not scheduled the next series. If a particular apprenticeship interests you, please contact me and let me know your interest. I will sometimes schedule apprenticeships sooner if I receive a lot of requests!

Please read through the following descriptions of the different apprenticeships. I periodically create new programs based on requests and needs from students and clients. Here are my current offerings.


Prerequisites: Ability to do a shamanic journey. Just learned skills are okay.

Meetings: 5 weekend meetings. Starts Friday at 7pm ends Sunday at 3pm. Meets every other month.

Program Focus: Shamanism as a personal spiritual practice. I began this series because I knew many people felt a strong connection to shamanism and shamanic journeying, but wanted to have this as a personal spiritual practice rather than being healers. This is a FOUNDATIONAL class. Students in this series learn the core practices commonly used and lived within a shamanic culture. Such basics as: Learning to call in directions, creating powerful ceremonies and rituals, using divination, building a protective team of spirit allies, nature communication, death and rebirth, personal healing, and more.

Students who take this series get a strong foundation for more advanced programs.


Prerequisites: Students should be very comfortable with their shamanic journeying skills and be able to communicate with their helping spirits with relative ease. Application & Interview. Beauty Way graduates get preferred access.

Meetings: 6 four-day weekends. Starts Thursday at 1pm ends Sunday at 3pm. Meets every 4 months.

Program Focus: 2-fold: Learn the Core Foundational Healing Techniques of Shamanic Healing & Build your own Peruvian Medicine bundle (Khuya Misa) as a personal practice. This program combines advanced philosophy and ethics along with learning the healing practices most used in shamanic healing work: Soul Retrieval, Illumination, Extraction, Past Life and Ancestral Healing, Depossession and Psychopomp, Curse Unraveling and more. Students practice on one another to learn these skills. Profound personal healing takes place in this apprenticeship.


Prerequisites: Advanced level program. Students must be able to journey and communicate with helping spirits with ease, have taken a number of shamanic workshops and have a strong relationship with the natural world. Application & Interview. Students who are misa (mesa) carriers, or have completed my SHA program get preferred access.

Meetings: 4 one-week meetings. Meets every 6 months.

Program Focus: Earth Healing in these times of Change. This advanced program is for the Big Work of Earth Healing–The spiritual aspects of working with the Earth. Communication with nature spirits, elementals, spirits of place, weather. Group constellation work of land trauma. Creating community ceremonies for healing. Offerings to the land, balancing of elements, clearing imprints, relationship building, Spiritual Cosmology of the Earth. Strong emphasis on ethics and permission. This program will include the building of a special Khuya Misa attuned for work with land healing.