Vampire Depossession

(Written 3-26-08) By Ana Larramendi

A story you may find interesting…

This woman had been trying to schedule an appointment with me for about a month. In her original call she wanted me to do a house clearing. I had this gut feeling that what was going on felt more “curse like” and was not as tied to her home as she believed. She was on disability because her health had become so poor that she couldn’t work any more. She was becoming weaker and weaker each day. She had a baby, and was afraid she would not be able to take care of it. Her husband was an attorney who had also been having a peculiar downturn in his own health.

Our original appointment got rescheduled three times due to strange interferences. During the phone call that related to her canceling the second appointment she said her husband had just been fired from his firm. That convinced me that we should not do a house clearing, but she needed to come see me ASAP. Due to Betsy’s workshop, I could only schedule her after the class was over.

When she finally arrived and I first laid eyes on her, I immediately knew she had a possession.

Her eyes were sunken in with noticeably dark rings or circles around them. It looked like death was stalking her.

We sat down and she filled me in on what had been going on. She was extremely bright, intelligent and insightful. I found myself really liking her and sensing that she was gifted.

In our phone conversations I had asked her to try to think back to the time that preceded the beginning of the downturn of her health and try to remember if anything unusual or notable was going on in her life.

She had been thinking about this and in our face-to-face meeting the real confession came up;

“You know,” she said, “my real health issues started about 10 years ago after my husband and I got out of this LARP group we had been in…”

“A LARP group?” I asked, “Is that an acronym for something? I’m not familiar with that term.”

“Well,” she explained,” LARP stands for Live Action Role Play. There are many types of LARP groups out there. Basically you get together with a group of people who pretend to be some type of action role that the members of the group decide on and you dress-up and become those characters and interact with each other in character roles.”

” About 15 years ago, when I had started dating my husband, I had this very close friend…it wasn’t a very healthy relationship…she was very possessive of me and resentful of the time I spent with my husband…I only realize that now.”

Then the confession began…

“Well, she had started this LARP group and insisted that my husband and I be in the group. It was pretty large, about 20-25 people. I didn’t know what the theme was until we first gathered…” –long pause– “We were role-playing Vampires.”

She went on, “It seemed harmless at first. It was a very intelligent and interesting group of people. But they took it sooo seriously! The members started getting obsessed with their roles. They would play every night till 3-4 in the morning, some people were losing their jobs because they were putting more energy into their vampire roles than into their everyday real work. One of our people was a physicist who got fired…I was in graduate school at that time and my autistic son was 10 years old then and needed a lot of help. I was getting exhausted doing this evening LARP thing and they would get mad when my husband and I wouldn’t ‘play’ nightly.”

She sighed,” Eventually my husband and I started to get creeped-out by this…it felt like a cult. When we told the group we had to withdraw they got really nasty towards us. It was after that, that my health problems really started to develop.”

I was listening to this in total fascination. Looking at those dark circles under her eyes, the dark veil around her energetically, the gradual deterioration of her health…all those signs…. Add to this that my normally regular period had come the evening before– 5 days early–and I was bleeding like hell on this particular day of this particular appointment, (perhaps I have a sick sense of humor, but I thought my bleeding was hilariously apropos!) and I reflected to myself, “Well, I’ll be dipped! I’ve got a Vampire possession here!!!”

After her story I gently suggested that the vampire energy had in some way merged with her and it needed to be taken out. I also told her that she should get her husband in to see me ASAP. She said she started feeling nauseated after I told her. I comforted her and let her know that what she was feeling was normal for her situation and that I wasn’t afraid or bothered by the prospect that she might throw-up.

I called in the directions with her, and silently called in the archangels and spiritual warriors who help me when a hard challenge is presenting itself for a session. I energetically sealed and quarantined the room we were working in.

We sat face to face on cushions, and with my mesa, I opened an energetic torus between us to help move the energy. I started the dialoging with her. She identified a black energy that was in pain. As I tried to dialogue with this energy, it was clear that it was confused, didn’t know where to go and was “in the gray”. It didn’t match the vampire I was tracking…I knew this was one of those decoy suffering beings and I would have to move it on first before I reached my real “quarry”.

My client was right on it, she stepped in and whispered in a confused voice, ” Could there be more than one?…”

“Yes, dear,” I answered,” the vampire is next. We just need to take care of this one first.”

Once she understood this, the coaxing of that suffering being came easily and I sent it home to the light effortlessly. Now things got more interesting…

My client started twitching and acting extremely restless.

“What is happening for you now?” I asked.

“I’m feeling really uncomfortable, like I can’t sit still…I want to run out of this room.” she replied.

“Stay with me.” I said firmly. “This being is probably not very happy at the moment, but I can assure it that I will take it to a better place.”

She seemed to get a little stiller, although still fidgety.

We started the dialog process. She identified the energy as “angry-red, black and some gray”.

I mentally sent out a huge call for my guides to tighten the quarantine field of protection in the room and around us.

“Welcome.” I said.

“It wants to say really bad things to you..” She growled.

“I know and honor your feelings.” I answered. ” How long have you been with the soul of this woman?”

“Many Years.”

“More than this lifetime?”


“Have you been with other souls in this way?”

“Yes, many.”

“What do you like about being with this soul?”

“Her pain.”

“You like pain?”

“Yes, it gives me control.”

“I can take you to a place where you will have far more control than with her. She’s pretty small compared to bigger more powerful places where you could go…”

“Really?…(growling)… Like where?”

“There is a fabulous place called the Void. It surrounds you, it is a place where all things are created. It is the source of all creation energy…it is the home you came from…once, long ago…”


“I’ve called the presence of the Void here, it is already drawing you home. Can you feel the pull? Which direction do you feel it coming from?”

My client points sideways to the left. I focus on the vortex of the void dipping in sideways, like a tornado, drawing the suffering being sideways and then up. With my hands I am moving the energy now constantly.

I have stopped talking since my entire focus is now on drawing the energy out of her…but something is not flowing. I notice something is feeling stuck.

“Why should I go?…” the being states in a challenge-like voice.

“To go home to be with ones like yourself…” I respond.

“I like it here!”

“I know you do, but the energy is already drawing you back to the void…”

“For me to go you must seduce me….Seduce me with words!” The being commanded of me.

It was probably only a microsecond of thought, but at that moment I got flooded with the most powerful insight and understanding: The whole energy of the vampire culture was about seduction, about spellcraft of words…beautiful, delicious, words that seduced with the illusion of power, control and the dark mystery…a mystery only those most privileged got to taste. The vampires were word illusionists. That is what the author of the Vampire Chronicles, Anne Rice, had called into her life. That is what (or who ) she had channeled in her books. A Master Vampire that knew the power of the words of spellcraft. Anne’s books were a masterful spell; enticing those who were drawn to the dark mystery.

In that split second, in that calling of: “Seduce me with words!” I knew that I had to keep talking to this powerful being, I could not stop for a second or I would lose it…and my words would have to be luscious spells of seduction to the Void.

I don’t for the life of me remember what came out of my mouth after that. I know I called my helping spirits to cast the words for me…and off I went in a florid tumble of cadences about the sweet dark void…and sure enough within minutes…silence came over the room. The being was gone.

I asked my client, “What do you feel?”

“Oh my God! It’s gone!”

I looked in her eyes…the dark circles had almost completely vanished.

I finished by doing a soul retrieval and bringing back both a power animal and Guardian Angel. We set up a second appointment so I could teach her to journey and develop a strong relationship with her helping spirits so she could have a vetting process about who she “let in” in the future!

It was an amazing experience, and a powerful teaching. I felt really grateful for the opportunity to meet with this being. The extra tidbits of information I got in Betsy’s class made all the difference to making this somewhat effortless.

That’s the story. I hope you find it helpful in some way.