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Workshop Testimonials




Many thanks, Ana, for the truly awesome workshop. And I mean that without the hyperbole. How strange to come home and wake up in the middle of the night and wonder how I'm going to integrate all I've learned into my day-to-day routine. I am transformed. 
Many blessings, many thanks.



Just a quick note to let you know how much we (S.P and I) deeply appreciate you/r work/shop (many meanings here) during our week in the driftless country. Your dedication to Earth Healing and your sense of ethics are a model for us all to follow.
Thanks for your heart/h and your soul.
Our understanding, and more importantly, my experiential knowledge of Shamanic Earth Healing did a quantum leap. The numerous journeys we undertook literally opened new worlds (or gave us deeper access to known worlds) all populated with powerful spirits.

The spiritual connections with the various spirits, allies, guides and elementals we met and we whom we learned to work are part indeed of a rich cosmology. I will need a few more weeks to process all the information you shared with us as well as all the experiences so they become an integral part of my practices.

Thanks for sharing the teachings [you received from] coyote about the level of "discretion" that you have to maintain some times when your work around mining related issues. The protest work has to be public but some of the background work might benefit or, in some case, might only be possible, when it is done with some discretion.

All this will be quite helpful in my work from a spiritual perspective as well as from a practical one in the context of social activism.

Once again, thanks for everything (including the gluten-free food and cakes),
B.L and S.P.


After Betsy Bergstrom’s Advanced Curse Unraveling class.

Dear Ana,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you did before and during Betsy’s class. This was my first residential workshop, and after having attended it, I feel I have been well and truly spoiled!! I was extremely impressed with the impeccable organization that went into it. I felt that my needs were so well met, not only regarding the content of the class and field trips, but also as far as transportation, accommodations, and food. I can’t even fathom the sheer amount of preparation that went into creating such a wonderful experience for all us, but I want you to know that it meant a great deal to me to be so well taken care of.

You are awesome, and I thank you, for all that you do, from the bottom of my heart.


Hi Ana,
What an experience yesterday was!!

I am so glad that I was able to take your class.  It was a life altering experience.  If nothing else, it helped me to see, yet again, that my intuition is right on and that I should listen to it.  A new animal showed up for the 1st three journeys, and one of the books gave a description that fit to a "T".
Thank you very much for your medicine,  my personal sessions, and the class you taught.  I am very grateful for each of them and their different aspects.

E.W. :-)




I'm sending you an e-mail I sent to others that attended the workshop on May 27, 2006 about Sweet Cicely. Anyway, the distilled water from sweet cicely IS used as a diuretic and aphrodisiac.  Second Chakra, water, purification were my impressions.  
I WAS AFRAID TO REALLY TALK TO PLANTS BEFORE THAT DAY.  I spoke to them as though they were cute children. You know the ones you pat on the head and only half listen to what they are trying to say sometimes?  NO MORE.  I AM VOWING TO BECOME INTIMATE WITH MY PLANT BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

The fox walking and stalking was wonderful too.  I heard you telling Shirley about the different pressures in a step and how they can be related to the health or condition of the entity leaving the track --similar to reflexology.  WOW!!! I'd love to learn more about that some day.


Love Hope Peace Joy to You Always,



Thank you for that extraordinary introduction to Shamanic principles.  I'm glad I did so much research before hand, because that knowledge helped me understand even better the information you shared with us.  I love the simplicity of shamanism.  Its beauty lies in its common sense and in its egalitarianism.

I've always felt extremely self-conscious when practicing ritual - mainly because my experience was that rituals were devoid of meaning.  Now that you've shown me the meaning, I found it easy and natural to call in the directions when creating my sacred space this morning.  I paused the longest over mother earth and wept for her pain and anger and feelings of betrayal. It was an overpowering feeling that welled up through me and could only be expressed through tears.

Most likely I will be coming to you in the near future for some personal healing in order to gain your insight into my situation. 
In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful, restful and fruitful couple of
weeks.  You've earned them!



I so want to thank you for all you did in preparation and teaching this weekend. It was amazing, awesome, wonderful, just a few adjectives that don't come close to saying what it was really like. 

I came away so filled, and at peace. So much is flooding my thoughts right now. It is going to take weeks to assimilate all I learned and experienced. This weekend was just the beginning but also at the same time a culmination of the things I have been experiencing over the last few months especially. I have felt like I have been buried under an avalanche of experiences. Things have just been coming my way, falling into place.

Being close to nature and the animals have always been a part of me. So that part of Shamanism fits me like a glove. I can thank my father for that love.

….I am filled to the brim with new experiences that have excited me. My mind runs wild and my thoughts just tumble out. Just want to say thank you again for a wonderful weekend. I hope and pray to be able to come to more retreats. I have a thirst for knowledge, and I believe this is truly a path I am to follow.





Testimonials for the Caretaker Apprenticeship:

“The Caretaker of the Earth Apprenticeship is the best training I have received in 15 years of shamanic work. My body and the land are becoming one.  This class has required and supported my growth - propelling me forward in my personal evolution. I return from each session excited, inspired, and envisioning more possibilities.   Ana Larramendi is smart, thoughtful, passionate, flexible, fully committed to her work, and never loses her sense of humor. She teaches us to work impeccably, not just by saying the words, but by living her teachings. She is meticulously prepared for class and then carries the willingness to scrap her teaching plan on a moment's notice to attend the needs of her students. Further, Ana continuously balances the needs of the class with the needs of every individual in it. In becoming caretakers, we are well cared for."  E.A. Philadelphia, PA


“ I highly recommend this class.  I've never had such consistent progress with healing on so many levels as in this class.  I was encouraged by the depth we addressed the ethics involved in healing the earth.
Ana's love for the earth motivates her teaching, her work, and her life.  She is an inspiration. The assistants she chooses have much to add in their own right. This class is what comes after you've learned the basics and are ready for the big work that's waiting to be done.” C.E. Detroit, MI


“Ana offers the wisdom of the teachings she carries with integrity, compassion, and humor. She is generous in her support of each participant's unique journey while holding the ancient ways with clarity and respect in the modern world. I felt safe and well-guided at all times. Therefore, I was able to surrender to unexpected and astounding leaps in my own healing and in becoming a more skilled Earth Caretaker.
This is definitely a class that leaves the indoor conference center behind and immerses you in a carefully designed sequence of experiences and practices to deepen your healing, your relationship to the Earth, and your skill as an Earth Caretaker.” A.F. Madison, WI