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Healing Testimonials


Hi Ana,
Thank you for the extraordinary ways that you bless and heal. I am truly inspired by the scope of your work and can't help but sense that the unique workplace community I presently enjoy is owed to your initiative. The energy changes I've experienced over the past year already border on the miraculous and my life is further enhanced by an accompanying shift in perspective. I look forward to sharing good news with you as a result of today's session.


I am so grateful to have met you. I have tried to heal for so long, prayed for so many years and sought the help of healers from all different religions, and I have NEVER felt like this in my life, never have I healed so extensively, felt so in my body, so confident, so me. I am proud of who I am, the world feels new, mysterious, exciting. I want to move forward and develop my gifts. The work you are doing is so real, so important, and I will be forever grateful.
Keep in touch,
F. C.



Hello Ana,
I want to thank you again for the gift your work has been to me.  I felt very safe and honored by your style and comfortable in your healing room.  It was a wonderful experience to have such a long time for myself, feeling a kinship with the spirituality of the Shamanic tradition.  I really appreciated experiencing the beauty of your prayers and your confidence with your guides and imaginative way of unraveling the threads of my stories. 

The next day I ran into Hannah and today the woman who has been a challenge at work approached me and offered to help me in a way that was very unexpected.  I'm grateful to have moved some very old energy. 
Blessings, D.M.



Hello Ana
I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how grateful I am of your help in the process of my healing session. (You did an extraction, Illumination, and retrieval for me on November 11th.) I have felt less anxious and seem to be more mellow about not letting the small stuff get to me. I am in the process of reading the book Shaman Healer Sage and find it extremely interesting. My relation with my hubby seems better so far as well....and my fibro pain level not as intense....
Maybe some time I could come attend one of your workshops....
Thanks again
Blessings, P.M.



Hello Ana!

First off, I want to say once again THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for everything that you have done for me. This has been one of the most amazing events of my Metaphysical career & as I said before, you are a truly a gift to this world. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to meet with you & sincerely hope that one day I will be able to share my gifts with others as you have shared yours with me. I would also like to extend a large note of gratitude to your Spirit Helpers. I give thanks & honor them for their assistance, as well.
I've been doing extremely well these last few days. There have been two very dramatic changes that I have noticed already with me which I'm VERY happy about. The first is that my menstrual cycle has been completely normal since Friday & best of all NO CRAMPS. None, seriously! This has never happened to me before. The other thing that I've noticed is that my eating habits have improved tremendously. I've always struggled with my weight & had just recently come to realize that I was a diagnosable compulsive eater. Now, I actually don't want to overeat at all. I'm eating consciously & listening to my body while I do it. I feel secure & calm & peaceful & content. It's good!
I will write you again soon.



Hola Ana,

I just wanted to write to you to tell you that I really enjoyed meeting you and our session yesterday. I also want to let you know that  I feel so much better about myself and life in general now... much lighter, and more "in control" of my life and its direction. My friend Laura said that to her I feel like a different person, "the way I used to be" when she first met me a few years ago.... Thank you so much for helping me to make it ok. 
Muchas gracias again for everything, y saludos
S. O.



Ana! Ana! Ana! (and I am saying it RIGHT!!!) :)

I have been craving to write you. That session was so powerful/love-filled. Thank you thank you. I still have not talked to anyone about it that much really...It is difficult to talk about, I feel as though I do not really have the words to describe how intense and life-changing it was....



Good Morning Ana,

I have returned to work from my conference and I wanted to write and thank you.  I have so many thoughts and feelings yet to process and I am taking the time slowly.  I cannot thank you enough for your help and caring.  Words cannot express enough. You are a gift…

Peace to you always,
P. W.



Hi Ana,

It's been over a year since you performed a ritual on me, which open my closed heart. I'm not sure if you recall any details, and it's not important that you do. I just wanted to thank you.

My relationship to those around me has changed radically since you did your thing. I feel liked and in turn enjoy most of the people I meet. I have increased compassion for others and I am usually able to see the good in people, even if they display weasel-like tendencies. I am less judgmental and feel a desire to help people to improve their standing in the world. I am really enjoying my new perspective. I owe you a great debt. I figure that the best way to repay it is to pass on your kindness to others in any way I can.
C. A.


Greetings, Ana.

I have been meaning to write you for more than a year now to thank you. The session we had back in January 2007 was an amazing experience for me and it helped to dislodge the grief and guilt I'd been carrying for so long. My relationships and dynamics with the ex-partner and current partner with whom I was dealing directly at that time have improved immensely, in part due to the work I did that day with you. I feel lighter and freer than I ever have before. I thank you, my daughter thanks you, my partner thanks you, and my ex thanks you! We're all doing very well.
Peace to you,
V. G.



Hello Ana,
This is M. responding.
Thank you...deeply and sincerely...for the magical journey that you provided for me.  There are simply no words to adequately express the changes that I have experienced since we were together a week ago.   
 I am powerful and content.  I am connected to the soil and living creatures and plants surrounding my home.  My relationship with Monica has taken another quantum step in the continuing evolution of our sharing of this life.  I feel safe and able, with the tortoise, to deflect the barrage of poisons that continue to assail us.
 I am aware that my body is continuing to heal from the damage that was done over all of those years in the past, both from without as well as from my own internal stress and negative energy.
 These sentences feel superficial, but as I said - words are not an adequate means of expression for these changes.  Please accept my sincere gratitude for the gifts that you shared with me.