Subaru Blessing Story

(Written 1-3-07) By Ana Larramendi

Hello Friends,

I just wanted to share with you that I bought a new Subaru yesterday! It is a black Outback 2.5i basic wagon. I experienced a powerful blessing ceremony for the car. I will add here the story I wrote to a friend about the event.

I did some numerology with the VIN number of the car. The number and letters added up to 69 which is a 15 (the Devil archetype!) but also 6 (the Lovers). This is going to be a helluva car!

Here’s the story:

My Subaru journey went very well. My friends ended up not being able to drive me to Chicago because of an unexpected mandatory office meeting. So I took the Van Galder Bus from Madison to O’Hare at 7:00am (watched a spectacular sunrise with a brilliant red sky from the bus) then took a taxi from O’Hare to the dealership. The transaction took about 45 minutes, then I drove to my parent’s house in Evanston and had a nice lunch, took them for a spin in the car, then drove back to Madison.

Vampire Depossession

(Written 3-26-08) By Ana Larramendi

A story you may find interesting…

This woman had been trying to schedule an appointment with me for about a month. In her original call she wanted me to do a house clearing. I had this gut feeling that what was going on felt more “curse like” and was not as tied to her home as she believed. She was on disability because her health had become so poor that she couldn’t work any more. She was becoming weaker and weaker each day. She had a baby, and was afraid she would not be able to take care of it. Her husband was an attorney who had also been having a peculiar downturn in his own health.

Our original appointment got rescheduled three times due to strange interferences. During the phone call that related to her canceling the second appointment she said her husband had just been fired from his firm. That convinced me that we should not do a house clearing, but she needed to come see me ASAP. Due to Betsy’s workshop, I could only schedule her after the class was over.

When she finally arrived and I first laid eyes on her, I immediately knew she had a possession.

Her eyes were sunken in with noticeably dark rings or circles around them. It looked like death was stalking her.

Purr-Muffin's Death

(Written 8-17-09) By Ana Larramendi

Yesterday I did a memorial ceremony for my cat Purr-Muffin who died on the Equinox this spring.

I found her, as an abandoned kitten, at Cherokee Marsh August 16, 1994. Probably dumped off on moving day by someome who couldn’t bring a cat into a new apartment. Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary and I finally buried her ashes. In the exact spot where I found her.

Purr-Muffin was an extraordinary animal and our bond was unlike any pet I have ever had. I think rescued animals have a special level of gratitude for their owners. She was part Siamese with the most incredible turquoise blue eyes I have ever seen. I called her the guardian of my soul, because I felt that she watched over me when I went through some particularly gut-wrenching times in my life. If I was crying she would climb up on my lap, look into my tearful eyes and reach up with her paw and touch my face. If said to her, “I love you” she would instantly start to purr…She purred a lot, always…which is how she got her name.