Shamanic Healing Apprenticeship

A 2 year apprenticeship to learn ancient & modern techniques of Shamanic Healing work.

Facilitated by Ana Larramendi and staff.

All the meetings start at 1:00pm Thursday and end at 3:00pm Sunday.

Students in this 6-meeting Apprenticeship will be learning important practices of shamanic healing work. These will include: Soul Retrieval, Illuminations, Extraction work, Healing Past-life and Ancestral wounds, Curse Removal, Depossession, Death Rites and more. This apprenticeship will include personal work, ceremony, practicing different healing modalities and include spiritual philosophies to help you move into a more holistic way of living and relating to the world. Part of our practice will include building an Andean Medicine Bundle called a Misa. The Misa helps strengthen your relationship with the natural world and is a tool for your healing and personal work.

Note: This program now has two tracks:

  1. Students can take this apprenticeship purely for personal growth and personal healing–of which there is A LOT!
  2. Students who are considering becoming shamanic practitioners can request a mentorship from me within this program. Mentorship students have custom homework, are required to practice on outside clients and provide thorough write-ups of their work. Mentorships require outside consultations with me and pay a higher fee for the program.


Our six meetings consist of:

Meeting #1. Soul Retrieval:

Our first meeting will begin with a special ceremony of inviting the Spirits to help us on our spiritual journey and the initiation of our group. From there we will begin to learn the ancient practice of Soul Retrieval. You will learn: Symptoms of soul loss and what causes soul loss. Meeting with your Soul Retrieval Teachers and Guides. How to track a lost soul part and return it with integrity. Soul theft. Healing the wounded soul in non-ordinary reality. Unraveling spiritual contracts tied to soul loss and soul theft. Identifying soul gifts and reclaiming their essence. Healthy integration and soul retrieval aftercare. At the end of our meeting, students will be given instructions on the gathering of medicine stones in preparation of our 2nd meeting where we will begin construction of our personal Misa (sacred medicine bundle).

Meeting #2. Illumination-Misa Construction:

In this meeting we begin the formal construction of our Peruvian medicine bundles (Misa).Through the use of sacred stones we will learn the Illumination process of clearing from our energy fields some of the core wounds we carry in this lifetime. We will shed the past and reveal our beautiful wholeness beneath. By making Medicine of our past, we begin to look upon ourselves, our struggles and the suffering of others from a place of love and compassion. We cultivate the skill to move out of a reactive state of hurt, into the witness state of grace.

Meeting #3: Past-life, Ancestral Healing, Shadow work and Extraction:

We continue our healing journey into the realms of shadow and what is hidden or disowned. With powerful journeys to explore our past-lives and ancestral trauma, we will uncover old hidden patterns that have lived in our karmic history and blood lines. Here we will face disowned aspects of ourselves, claim them and make medicine of the past. We will also learn to extract imprints of trauma from the luminous field. By unwinding the trapped, unbalanced energies of hurt, fear, rage and power from our lineage, we begin to embody the luminous warrior—the one who walks the path of light and love with compassion and non-judgment.

Meeting #4. Death & Rebirth, Psychopomp, Spirit Releasing:

In this meeting we will begin to explore cross-cultural concepts of death and rebirth. This includes the realms of discarnate spirits, journeys of the soul, the process of psychopomp, knowing the True Self and fundamental practices of Compassionate Depossession.

Meeting #5: Curse Removal, Release of the ego and Timelessness:

First we will delve into the realm of curses and curse removal, then we will move beyond healing into deepening our relationship with the Great Mystery. We learn about timelessness, invisibility and fluidity. Here we shed our identity, our unhealthy ego, and our attachment to the roles that keep us fixed and stuck. We learn how to embrace the energy of change and awaken the sacred “Now” that contains the past, present and future simultaneously–we experience timelessness and Oneness with all our Relations.

Meeting #6: Destiny Retrieval, Creating your Reality, Manifestation:

In our final exploration, we move into the realms of Destiny, Vision and who we are becoming. This is the realm of “dreaming the world into being”.  We learn the art of changing our world by changing our perceptions.  By letting go of control, removing our projections, and clearing our path, we leap into the future, not only in this lifetime, but for future lifetimes. In this work we learn to surrender, so we may become luminous, and have no attachment to outcome. We are able to show up, and let the universe happen. With the Universe, we magnetize, manifest and co-create our Reality.

This training will help you build a strong personal foundation to any healing practice you wish to be in. I believe that whether we work as healers or engage in any type of work where we interact with people or are in service to others, having our personal act together makes us better, happier and more whole people for ourselves, our families and our world. Students say the healing work in this program is life-changing and the teachings shift their life perspective significantly. These teachings strengthen and help balance us to our very core.


Students need to be comfortable with their skills of shamanic journeying. This is deep personal work and requires a commitment to being responsible for and committed to your own healing.  It is important to honor your personal space and the space of others to create a safe container for all.  Part of the application process will include a phone interview with Ana prior to joining this apprenticeship. Class size will be a minimum of 6 students and a maximum of 12 students.

The price for this residential program varies depending on single, shared or non-residential lodging. Meals are included. If you are interested in this program please contact Ana for information about when the next Shamanic Healing Apprenticeship begins.