Schedule your appointment so you have time afterwards for yourself. Having a clear intention and desire for healing (as well as being willing to let go of old patterns that are unhealthy) strengthens the effects of the healing. If this is your first session, I will be asking you questions about your life regarding past traumas, health, difficulties in your current life and family history. Reflect for yourself if there are negative belief systems, self-esteem, or other patterns of behavior that are feeling difficult to overcome and are affecting your happiness and well-being.

For example — Identify for yourself the following:

  • What is not working in my life?
  • What feels out of balance?
  • What is missing, or what qualities have I lost which I long to reclaim?
  • Are there unhealthy patterns in my life which keep repeating?
  • Are there people in my life to which I have an unhealthy connection?
  • Are there places in my body where I am regularly feeling pain or discomfort?
  • Does my life feel out of control?
  • Are there themes in my ancestry which are getting repeated in my life?
  • Why am I feeling called to seek spiritual healing now?

You can ask for a healing dream, or make a prayer that you are committed to change and heal your life as a way of creating an affirmation and intent to set your healing in motion.

Also, it is important that you come to your appointment fully sober and not under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs. Prescribed medications are okay. I prefer that your avoid alcohol or recreational drugs for 24 hours before and after healing.

After your session it may take 1-2 days to fully integrate the healing you have received. Be sure to take time afterwards to nurture yourself. The effects of the healing can be gradual or dramatic, each individual experiences this differently.

I find that once an appointment is set, synchronicities begin to happen which support bringing to the surface what is in need of healing. Be open to any unusual shifts that begin to take place and take note.