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EarthTenders Apprenticeship

A New Paradigm for Earth Healing


Facilitated by Ana Larramendi and Staff



Meeting dates:

Session 1. (First meeting 2015) Begins Thursday, August 27 at 1:00pm. Ends Thursday, September 3 at 12:00noon

Session 2 & 3. (2016) Spring and Fall of 2016 (TBA)

Sessions 4. Spring of 2017 (TBA)

(Closed to new participants after 1st meeting) 2016 dates will be posted as they become available.

Save $200 for Applications Postmarked by July 10, 2015.

Acceptance To This Apprenticeship Is By Application And Interview.

Please Contact Ana Larramendi By Phone 608-255-4333
Or Email coyote@Thehollowbone.com
To Answer Any Questions Or Request An Application.

Acceptance To This Apprenticeship Is By Application And Interview. 

Please Contact Ana Larramendi By Phone 608-255-4333

Or Email coyote@Thehollowbone.com 

To Answer Any Questions Or Request An Application.


This advanced level 2-year apprenticeship is for students of shamanism who seek to develop the skills necessary to facilitate earth healing for our changing times.

This unique in-depth training weaves together many traditions of shamanism as well as new esoteric concepts in quantum healing which include working with presence and light. These practices will then be applied to healing the planet. In this apprenticeship we will study the anatomy and cosmology of earth energy systems from a spiritual perspective. For those distraught about the coming earth changes, these teachings will provide a grounded beginning to answering the question, “What can I do?” as well as participating in crafting new ways to assist and support the earth.

By developing specialized shamanic skills, we will learn to identify an imbalance and create an intervention to bring a place back into balance.

Focus of study in this Apprenticeship:

  • Relationship Building: Reaching Oneness and resonance with the elements and elemental beings of the earth and sky. Shedding your conditioned fears and duality with Nature

  • Communication: Talking to and hearing the spirits of stones, plants, animals and weather beings. Includes sacred offerings, despachos and reciprocity with beings of nature

  • Hampi Misa: Building a powerful healing bundle of sacred power stones (in the Andean Shamanic Tradition), for large-scale land healing and distance healing with maps

  • Species Adaptation to Earth Changes: Working with Fields of Gaia Light Frequency. Building Resonance to enhance species adaptation of a place, by getting to know the Master Form Builders of the elemental world

  • Restoration: Working with Nature Spirits to re-populate decimated land

  • House Clearing: Psychopomp (conducting spirits to the heavens) and Terrapomp (conducting energies to the deep earth)

  • Clearing land of trauma imprints and land curse unraveling

  • The De-Activist: Learn about holding the Field that Diffuses Conflict. Shifting contentious land-rights meetings and other emotionally charged activist settings by being a quantum place holder of light

  • Activating or realigning power places: Working with sacred sites or ley lines that have been dormant or disrupted by human activity

  • Compassionate Neutrality: Discover our Divine Self, with deep personal healing work to allow us to stay strong and out of despair as we face earth’s most dramatic changes

  • Intensive Personal Healing Work: Designed to break through barriers of fear and woundedness to help us embrace our strong authentic selves to be courageous Earth Tenders

  • Protection & Grounding: Working with Powerful Allies of different dimensions for safe earth work.

  • Ethics & Permission: Discerning the difference between what needs our intervention or healing support (Holding Space) and what needs to be left alone. Identifying right “permission”

  • How to be a Facilitator in your community for this work

Join me in this amazing Apprenticeship designed to address what is now happening on the planet. Awaken the Bright Seed of Right Relationship with Mother Earth and learn the tools to carry this bright seed into the world and your community!


The EarthTenders Apprenticeship consists of four 7-day meetings over a 2-year period of time. Class size will be limited to 24 people. This training will be intensive and very experiential. Students will be making a Hampi Misa (Andean medicine bundle) to use as an anchor for their earth healing, energy body protection and personal healing work. The Hampi Misa will become the Shaman’s tool for grounding and mediating earth energies as well as building your relationship with the Pachamama. Each meeting will include intensive personal healing work to align us more deeply to the energies of the Earth. In addition there will be activities to develop our awareness skills, and training in land healing interventions. The goal of this Apprenticeship is to help each student develop skills that can be applicable to a broad range of situations requiring earth healing in our modern times. Each session will have a particular focus and the sessions will build upon each other.



Apprenticeship Description:

Session one, The Earth:
We will begin our apprenticeship by transforming our relationship with the earth. Students will delve deeply into healing and releasing the conscious and unconscious fears, traumas, and wounds we carry that separate us from the Mother. Here we begin to build our medicine bodies and create our Hampi misa (Andean medicine bundles). Following our personal work, we will delve more deeply into experiencing the elements and surrendering to the earth. The focus of this meeting is to develop a deep connection to the divinity of the Pachamama. We will awaken our awareness of the natural world, learning to read the energies of plants, trees, the messages of birds and animals, the spirit of place and the energies of the elemental beings. Students will be taught the use of perceptual shifts in order to read and track energy and perceive concentric rings of disturbance.  Emphasis will be placed on developing communication skills with the Spirits of place, weather beings and the devic realms. We will also learn about building relationship through respect, reciprocity and sacred offerings to the land.


Session two, Awareness:
This session will focus on inner and outer awareness.

The most important aspect of land healing is to be able to clearly read the true needs of the land and become a pure unbiased tracker of energy, a hollow bone. If we see a place that needs to be healed through the filters of our wounds and projections, we are more likely to make intervention choices that are a reflection of us instead of what is really needed by the land. Here we will learn how our shadows can impact our effectiveness as earth healers.
The first half of this session will focus on personal shadow and healing work.

In order to refine our awareness skills we need to illuminate our shadows and unravel our projections. We will delve into the places where we hold anger, hatred, judgment, fear and other shadow imprints. We will work together to clear these imprints and personal filters.

The second half of this session will focus on ethics and permission. We will meet new helping allies attuning us to the power of Compassionate Neutrality through transmutation and transfiguration. This opens the door to working with high-level devic beings: The Master Form Builders. These Devic masters will teach us the supporting rolls we can play to species adaptation and earth changes. We will also delve into a deeper understanding of ceke lines, ley lines, huacas, pacarinas, vortexes, toruses and energy fields as they relate to the healing of place.


Session three, Transmutation:
In this session, our personal work will involve shedding our attachments and identities, becoming timeless and embracing fluidity. From there we will begin to learn different forms of physical and spiritual intervention work for land healing. We will begin to map the spiritual realms of where we take toxic energies, to bring them into balance and neutralize an imprint. This will include learning the ceremonies of other traditional shamanic interventions such as; grief rituals for places holding trauma, despachos for land fertility or clearing, as well as psychopomp (conducting of earthbound spirits to the light) and terrapomp (conducting earth energies back to their source). We will also be learning about the qualities of curses, hauntings and possession. Different types of land imprints will be discussed in relation to what type of healing addresses the presenting issue. Further study will continue for working with the Weather Spirits and aligning ourselves as ethical weather workers to help our planet and nature allies. On the final evening students will receive the rites of the Earth-Keepers with full activation and blessing of their Hampi Misas.


Session Four, Caretaker:
In our last gathering we will learn about the elements of ceremony, how to create ceremony, how to match rituals to the needs of the situation and how to become and facilitate being a De-activist. Students will learn about how to build a strong “healing team” for land healing and how to incorporate and involve inexperienced landowners/participants into a land healing ceremony. There will also be an emphasis on creating a safe container for ritual, as well as working with group dynamics and tracking the energy of the circle during ceremony. In this meeting we will explore aspects of quantum mechanics and working with “Field Energies” to track and shift the Atmosphere of a Situation.
In this final class we will actually go to places where there has been a request for land healing and perform a group healing ceremony on the land. The locations will be chosen to test a wide range of skills. In these land healing sessions the group will work together to diagnose, track, read energy, develop a healing intervention and perform a ceremony. We will process together and learn from our work.

On our final night we will have a graduation ceremony to honor all the EarthTenders.


Class will be held at a Retreat Center near Dodgeville, WI. This spectacular 548 acre site adjoins Governor Dodge State Park and is a beautiful example of Southwestern Wisconsin’s “Driftless Region”, a unique unglaciated part of the state. Our location features springs, ponds, many rock cliffs and abundant, diverse wildlife. Much of our class time will be spent enjoying this beautiful land.


You should be comfortable and adept in your journeying skills, personally or through training. My expectation is that you have done a good deal of your own personal healing work, are emotionally mature, respectful, stable, can work well with others and you have a deep desire to heal the earth.

While this class does not require that you be physically fit, it does require that you are mobile, agile and in a relative state of good health. Many hours will be spent outdoors sitting, standing, hiking or crawling on the earth, in water or in other unexpected places. A willingness and ability to participate in these activities is important!




To Apply:
Acceptance to this apprenticeship is by application and interview. Please contact Ana Larramendi by phone 608-255-4333 or email coyote@thehollowbone.com if you have questions.

Click to download APPLICATION!

$1675 per meeting includes instruction, meals and lodging. There is a $200 discount (1st class $1425) off the first meeting for applications with deposits postmarked by July 10, 2015. A $400 deposit reserves your place. Payments can be made with MasterCard, VISA, PayPal or check. Discounts available for camping.


Testimonials for Ana’s last earth healing apprenticeship:

“The Caretaker for The Earth Apprenticeship is the best training I have received in 15 years of shamanic work. My body and the land are becoming one.  This class has required and supported my growth - propelling me forward in my personal evolution. I return from each session excited, inspired, and envisioning more possibilities.   Ana Larramendi is smart, thoughtful, passionate, flexible, fully committed to her work, and never loses her sense of humor. She teaches us to work impeccably, not just by saying the words, but by living her teachings. She is meticulously prepared for class and then carries the willingness to scrap her teaching plan on a moment’s notice to attend the needs of her students. Further, Ana continuously balances the needs of the class with the needs of every individual in it. In becoming caretakers, we are well cared for.” E.A. Philadelphia, PA


“I highly recommend this class.  I’ve never had such consistent progress with healing on so many levels as in this class.  I was encouraged by the depth we addressed the ethics involved in healing the earth.
Ana’s love for the earth motivates her teaching, her work, and her life.  She is an inspiration. The assistants she chooses have much to add in their own right. This class is what comes after you’ve learned the basics and are ready for the big work that’s waiting to be done.”
C.E. Detroit, MI

“Ana offers the wisdom of the teachings she carries with integrity, compassion, and humor. She is generous in her support of each participant’s unique journey while holding the ancient ways with clarity and respect in the modern world. I felt safe and well-guided at all times. Therefore, I was able to surrender to unexpected and astounding leaps in my own healing and in becoming a more skilled Earth Caretaker.
This is definitely a class that leaves the indoor conference center behind and immerses you in a carefully designed sequence of experiences and practices to deepen your healing, your relationship to the Earth, and your skill as an Earth Caretaker.”
A.F. Madison, WI


Ana Larramendi is a shamanic practitioner with a private practice in Madison, WI.
She is teacher, minister, public speaker, chef, Vision Quest leader, wilderness enthusiast, and ceremonialist, who has been studying and practicing shamanism since 1989.
Ana is an initiated mesa carrier in the Inka tradition since 2002, and is a founding member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners, www.shamansociety.org, an organization created to support the re-emergence of using shamanism as a form of spiritual healing in our culture and integrating it with western medicine.

Ana has been a lecturer for the University of Wisconsin Medical School, and the Madison Area Technical College. She organizes trips to Peru for the study of Andean Cosmology. Her ministerial service has included: working with prisoners at the Prairie Du Chien Correctional Institute, hospital visitations, working with the dying, presiding over memorial services, officiating weddings and supporting community ceremonies.
Ana has studied extensively with teachers from many traditions including, Alberto Villoldo, Sandra Ingerman, Betsy Bergstrom, Tom Cowan, the late Dr. Angeles Arrien, Dr. Larry Peters, Brant Secunda, Tom Brown Jr., Nan Moss & the late David Corbin, Marko Pogacnik and her Andean mentor, Altomisayoq Adolfo Ttito Condori. Yet, her greatest teachers have been the Earth, elements, plants and animals. Ana’s passionate focus is to support the Earth and build humankind’s relationship with Sacredness of Nature. More of Ana’s work can be seen at www.thehollowbone.com



The Blindfolded Otter Crawl:
Students learning to merge with the element of water in a local trout stream.



Ana joins the fun!



Surrendering to the Earth:
By merging with the Mother, we learn to feel what she feels.



Ana teaches the process of a "Limpia" (egg extraction) ...Then begins to evoke the helping Spirits.