Shamanic Earth Healing

By Ana Larramendi

In the former Soviet Union during the Second World War, the Nazis invaded a town near the border of Belarus and gathered all the Jews from the area into the town’s synagogue. Then they ignited the building, burning to death hundreds of innocent men, women and children. The ground was laid barren, and during the crisis of the war the land’s story was forgotten. Many years later in the 1950s, the Russian government began building nuclear power plants, and a power plant with four reactors was built in this town.

In April of 1986 technicians at a nuclear power plant in Sweden began to receive disturbing signals on their monitors of abnormally high levels of radiation. The technicians feared a leak in their own plant, but when no leak was found, they determined that the radiation was coming from a cloud drifting in from elsewhere. This nuclear cloud spread over much of Europe, settling heavily over Germany, Italy and Poland. Two days after the accident, the Russians admitted the disaster to the world. One of their nuclear reactors had had an explosive meltdown.

Western Fire Season 2018

By Ana Larramendi

As the fires rage in California and throughout the west, I have been prodded to respond by those who know me as a shamanic practitioner whose specialized work is with earth healing, nature spirits, and elementals.

I feel and sense the frantic plea for help: “Stop the fires!” “PRAY FOR RAIN!”

WE are so uncomfortable with the destruction… and, yet, we are the creators of this scenario.

However, the Nature Spirits have conditioned me out of an anthropocentric view of the world. They don’t see humans at the top of the pyramid, but rather, as one of billions of organisms that inhabit and make up the planet we call Earth. To the elementals and nature spirits we are all part of the community of living things, along with mammals, birds, reptiles, plants, insects, slugs, fungi, microbes. Their world is an amoral (not to be confused with immoral) perception of everything around them. No right or wrong…simply living out their nature…doing the corrective measures needed to balance what is out of balance.