The wilderness is the place of the Great Mystery, the place where the Spirit moves through all things and teaches us the purest truths. It is here, when we become open, when we empty ourselves of the burdens of the small round of daily affairs that we become the empty vessel to Spirit…like The Hollow Bone.

The Hollow Bone

Spirit Healing of the Soul

Dedicated to spiritually awakening and healing our connection to the Earth, ourselves and our community

The Hollow Bone
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Ana Larramendi
Shamanic Practitioner 

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Ana Larramendi has been a shamanic practitioner since 1989 with a private healing practice in Madison, WI. She is an international teacher & guide, minister, public speaker, chef, Vision Quest guide, wilderness enthusiast, and ceremonialist who has studied with many teachers including Sandra Ingerman and Alberto Villoldo of the 4-Winds. Ana has studied the shamanic traditions of Tibetan Bön shamans, Mapuche shamans from Chile, Celtic traditions, Huichol shamanism and she is an initiated mesa carrier in the Inka tradition who studies with the Altomisayoqs of Peru.

Ana is a founding member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners, an organization created to support the re-emergence of using shamanism as a form of spiritual healing in our culture and integrating it with western medicine. She was a keynote presenter for the Society for Shamanic Practitioners first annual conference. Ana has been a lecturer for the University of Wisconsin Medical School, and the Madison Area Technical College.
Her ministerial service has included: working with prisoners at the Prairie Du Chien Correctional Institute, hospital visitations, working with the dying, presiding over memorial services, officiating weddings and supporting community ceremonies.

Ana has a full-time practice working privately with clients for personal healing as well as doing land and space clearings. She teaches numerous classes and is a public speaker and educator on shamanism. Her major focus at this time is teaching others shamanic land healing practices and deepening humanity’s connection with the Earth and Nature.